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20 Jan 2022

2017 $1 *Starred US Note

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On some notes, a star appears in place of the last letter. When an imperfect sheet is detected during the manufacturing process after the serial number has been overprinted, it must be replaced with a new sheet. A "star" sheet is used to replace the imperfect sheet. Reusing an exact serial number to replace an imperfect note is costly and time consuming. A "star" note has its own special serial number followed by a star in place of a suffix letter.

I hereby present another of my favorite collected US starred notes. People tend to disregard them, but chances are you might have a highly priced jewel in your collector's arks. Within my collection area there are several additional starred notes posted on this same blog's date. Feel free to check the various printing "perhaps" mistakes or hidden oddities.

AC Coin$.


I. R. Bama

Level 5

I appreciate your wide collecting interests


Level 5

Another great Star note! Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Nice blog Angel. You know I found 2 $100 star notes in circulation. Nothing special about them. No one wanted them. Even my coin dealer passed. I just wanted face value. I think they are cool. Thanks. Great eagle photo.


Level 5

I love Star notes! Just added five of these beauties to my collection last weekend.


Level 6

Another nice blog! ; )

The MoKe

Level 6

I just learned something. I always thought the Starred notes used the same serial numbers as the rejected sheet, did not know a whole new serial number was generated. If so, why would you need the star in the first place?

AC coin$

Level 5

Thanks Mokie,...To avoid counterfeit . Thank you all for your kind comments !!!!


Level 4

Wow. Nice blog

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