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31 Dec 2021

About my style...and life.

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This is my life ANA

"Never give up."

Ever since I was 5 y.o., I got amazed when my mother gave me for school a Washington Quarter which caused an instant wonder and emotion, a quarter I kept for many years, a 1946 silver quarter coin. Since I was age 14, my mother started teaching me how to collect coins even though there were not many in our household, but I kept on collecting as I could. I use to have a personal coin pot, and, I know many of you knew about piggy banks then. I filled mine and my mom always gave me coins to save which I never spent, and then I started collecting coins from different countries which no one else wanted. She (my mom) was my mentor from the very beginning, I had then afterwards my first $20 bill from "1934" series F32357899A that my uncle gave me. In 2001 I lost him, my most beloved. Afterwards in 2009, I lost mytwin brother, we used to be a 12 siblings family, now we are 11 brothers and sisters. That year (2009) I fell into a serious depression all year-round, and I tried to take my own life many times the had to undergo psychological treatment which I am still facing to date. In 2013 I lost my father, 2015 I lost another uncle, then on New Year's Eve 2017, while we were all gathered as a family, right at 12:01 am my mother kept on saying to each relative that "next year she was not going to be with us anymore" and everything seemed to have fallen over us at that moment, this is why each New Year's Eve I tend to recall my mom's farewell in 2017. I have lived in New York, New Jersey (Atlantic City), Connecticut and Texas after this string of sad events and mostly after what follows... At the early part of 2018 my mother fell ill at the hospital and right then we were given very sad news by the doctors who told us mom barely had then weeks maybe days left. The world fell upon us all, our hearts broken and days after I lost the most valuable being "my mother" who guided me into collecting since I was 14. Part of my whole life gone, lost part of my initial collection too. In 2020 I lost another beloved aunt, all of the ones before mentioned due to cancer, except for my brother. Again in 2020 I lost my cousin due to severe depression. Each quarter shown represents an emotional loss in the family. This is why I love quarters so much. I am in ANA because of my mother's guidance. Since I became an ANA member I have been trying to overcome my depression because this hobby relaxes me and makes me travel the entire globe with international coins where I have given my heart and knowledge, skills from my part teaching since I began each country for tge benefit of YN's and all. The cities, scenic places and most relevant qualities of each land, its economics plus colors or flags, altogether with native animals, many of them under extinction danger and even many other species being sacrificed due to Covid. It pains me to find such news. I know that each person have been thru some sort of loss, my condolences to all. Many have been friends since I got in the site, thanks to all, may God bless you ANA.

My style of writing and blogging have been enjoyed by many, this is my style as I have chosen it. Many good and bad advise given unto me and others, but that is how we learn. I will always appreciate all comments to learn. Each has his/her own style of publishing. I recognize that in ANA there is a lot of wisdom to teach, advise and know to direct words in a way that so many of us will never get scared because many do not handle well being stepped on all the time. We are in the same boat and if it capsizes we all go down in ANA.

Many members are in but are not writing blogs either, but, they are members who deserve respect. They are in ANA. This have been for me my consolation and full therapy over my ordeal suffering depression along with other emotional scars. I made it thanks to this coin passionate hobby. Some never know that others are going thru the same emotional situation I am in. My mom's words, as she ever told me: "Never give up."

In God We Trust.

God bless you all.

I am an ANA member and a good friend for all from the bottom of my heart.

"Today we shall be here, tomorrow no one knows."

Love for the U S A.

AC Coin$ "2021"
Happy New Year 2022
Many blessings.



Level 5

Beautiful story! Happy New Year!


Level 6

What a heartfelt story you have. God bless you and your family. I'm so glad you found your way to us here at the ANA! Happy New year! ; )


Level 6

Wow! that is an amazing story Angel. You have had a wonderful family. As I grow older I suffer the loss of many friends and family. The way of the world. I am happy you found the ANA. It is true, we should all choose our words more carefully. In the words of the famous philosopher Rodney King, "Why can't we all just get along?". Thanks buddy.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for sharing your story. It is true, we don't know what someone else may be going through and we all including myself need to cultivate ourself to be more compassionate towards others. I'm so glad you came to join us Angel! Hope this year is a blessed one for you.


Level 7

Happy New year


Level 6

Sounds like your mother was a wonderful caring person. Stay positive and enjoy the hobby. Happy New Year!


Level 5

Have a great year.


Level 5

Happy New Year! 🥳

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