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30 Jan 2022

Japanese Empire Second World War 50 Sen Note

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Japanese currency was redesigned periodically since 1871. During Emperor Shōwa time paper money became colorful and monetary quantifications were revised. The official name of Japan's currency is the "yen". Small notes were issued as part of yen. Here I show an example, a 50 Sen note issued in 1942 and mostly circulating until 1948.

The ratio is 10 Sen=1/10 th of 1 Yen.

50 Sen=1/2 Yen.

Coins from different nations which were involved in armed conflict with others or which in one way or the other suffered an invasion or were under specific armed control, should be deemed important and historically pre-eminent over standard coinage, they represent the harsch times, and resilience of the peoples who faced war events. Coins from war incidents should be evaluated at higher standards rather than their intrinsic value or appearance, just to honor historical undeniable facts and in respect of all parts involved from the various armed conflicts. I leave this in the hands of true collectors and mainly those with sensibility.

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Level 5

Interesting note and history.


Level 7

That is a nice note.


Level 5

I also like Japanese coins and notes. That is a very nice note. Also love that panda!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Being exactly half Japanese, I really appreciate the coins and currency of Japan. Although I loathe the Generals and Admirals that caused worldwide destruction and misery, I certainly appreciate the artistry of their currency. Thanks for sharing A.C.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Thanks my friend for your positive insight and personal detail. {{ Domo arigato }} !!!!!!


Level 6

Nice Note.


Level 4

I quite like the blogs you make. Descriptive, short, well-researched, and I love the pieces of paper in your pictures that have a little description.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

My style has a purpose of communicating: the essence of the coin or item at hand, the shortest story behind it, the pertenence to the country or state attached to, the animal (mostly at risk of extinction within that region) and, lastly but not all, the coin or item itself as it is. I believe in our glorious Nation and all the World. That is what I love to cherish. In the midst of all, my friend, I love collecting and numismatists. However, there are a couple of individuals that feel they are the owners and administrators of this beautiful site and would do anything to willingly impose themselves over others. Let them not discourage us. Thanks.

Long Beard

Level 5

I've often pondered on older notes such as these, ones with bright vivid color and an interesting design theme.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

If you do have notes like the one I have posted above, bring them up. We would love to see them. And again, thanks for your brilliant words blogged yesterday dealing with ANA's purpose. You should know how mistreated and opressed I feel due to two members and how they are trying to diminish and curtail my postings. The administrators are aware of their behaviour. Take care and hope to see more of your collected arks. Thanks.

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