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27 Jan 2022

Trinidad & Tobago 1966, 1980 , 1983 Quarters

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Two islands one country in the Southern Caribbean waters. The monetary activity has been existent since late 1600's as their locations have been so strategic for the British, Spanish, Dutch and French Empires and overseas enterprises.

Trinidad and Tobago achieved full independence via the Trinidad and Tobago Independence Act 1962 on 31 August 1962 within the Commonwealth with Queen Elizabeth II as its titular head of state. On 1 August 1976, the country became a republic, and the last Governor-General, Sir Ellis Clarke, became the first President.

Port-of-Spain, the capital of both islands is a cosmopolite city. An image is included of part of the city and bay area.

AC Coin$.



Level 6

Looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing! ; )


Level 5

Never been there. Great looking coins and looks like a nice area.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I went there once but only spent a layover in the airport. Literally, been there, done that (their airport) and I did get the tee shirt! I also picked up a few coins in change, and a treasured memory. I didn't realize how far south I was until I saw an Atlas


Level 5

Those are very nice coins and a beautiful bird too. Thanks for sharing!

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