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01 Sep 2022

US $10 FRNs with serial numbers' oddities

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Hamilton's ($10 bills) secrets, I've chosen to name my blog due to another myriad of details in serial numbers, printing small mishaps and a variety of odd features that one good collector should be looking for. There are quite a few websites dealing with details that escape the most trained eye and once we get to follow what is attractive to the market, our collected items become attractive even for exchange or keepsake.

I hereby present a few of my 10 dollars' bills for yourreference and appreciation. Try to seek the numbers and additional printing features in each of them.

In my own words.

For further details about this item and others please visit my collections section.

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Level 6

With all due respect, experience is not a bibliography. Maybe you should look it up in a dictionary. Unless your name is Q. David Bowers, I would like to see a list of the books you mention. What you are describing as experience is what Wikipedia is made of. It is junk. Please start showing us where you get all this knowledge. Thanks.


Level 4

Everyone is right! Without additional references, these are common, ordinary notes. 😿


Level 7

A bibliography is not experience.!! A bibliography is were you get experience! So please people want to know more . What book on currency did you get this. I want to know more. Please! There are hundreds of books on currency kindly list the one were you found this! I want to read more. Thank you I would appreciate it. I have not herd of this current trend. That's why you need a bibliography. Thanks again !


Level 6

A bibliography would be nice so we all could read up on these notes. I'm not seeing what you are seeing... There's the mark of the Anti-Christ on one??? They seem like ordinary $10 bills that one would have in their wallet... ; )

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Thanks, respectfully, the bibliography is called experience. You are well documented with quite a few years of numismatics experience. This I kindly show here is a current trend for many collectors stateside and Worldwide. :)


Level 6

I'm not seeing anything odd. There is a 666 one that's all I see. Just not there for me. What are these web sites you mention? I would like to read up on this. Could be fun. Thanks.


Level 7

Kindly tell us what we should be looking for!!I guess the 20.00 currency is next. ? There are no secret items on our currency. What purpose would they serve. Bibliography please I would like to read this information. We all know the All seeing eye. The masons that we know. Plus the other ones. On the ones. Please help us!


Level 3


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