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25 Jan 2022

Venezuela's 1965 & 1986 coins

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As we travel coinwise thru various countries, features of design and historical relevance come to a distinctive point when choosing coins or paper money to keep for collections.
Some of the items I present have indeed much of a historical approach, specifically when it comes to characters who dealt with the liberation of entire countries from exploiting elements. Such is the case of Venezuela's "Libertador" Simón Bolívar who appears in the art of the most modern currency of this South American republic.

TheBolivar was adopted by the monetary law of 1879, replacing the short-lived venezolano at a rate of 5 Bolivares = 1 Venezolano. ... Venezuela went off the gold standard in 1930, and in the 1934 the Bolívar exchange rate was fixed in terms of the US Dollar at a rate of 3.914 Bolivares = 1 $USD.

Caracas, the capital and seat of the Venezuelan government is still a thriving huge city. Regardless of the national political unstable situations, this beautiful country remains an attraction to tourists and investors from everywhere. In the streets, a visitor may want to have a delicious lunch of "arroz con caraota" and chicken casserole, and, be treated like a "paisano".

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I. R. Bama

Level 5

Many South American coins feature Simon Bolivar.


Level 5

Nice coins and interesting history. Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Very nice! Beautiful bird... ; )


Level 7

Since 1876 to the present the U.S. mint has made coins for 43 countries . Venezuela being one of them.1152 for circulating and Proof coins.


Level 4

Very nice coins. I see they were struck in London.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Thanks for your comment. The 25 céntimos was minted in London. The 5 céntimos was done in Germany.

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