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15 Oct 2021

Vermont's 2020 quarter mystery detail...

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The 2020 Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park quarter was commissioned as part of the America the Beautiful Quarters program,representing the state of Vermont."The reverse (tails) design shows a young child completing the planting of a Norway spruce seedling near an established tree, resembling the continuation of the life cycle of our forests. The child represents the conservationist seeking to maintain a sustainable forest for future education and enjoyment." -nps.gov

***Look, look, look the inverted coin art. Seek for the dinosaur. (brontosaurus)***

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I use mostly in all my postings images of wildlife and known animals because I believe in animal rights and protection worldwide.

AC coin$



Level 6

Very cool! ; )


Level 4

Great if it inspires youth to plant more trees.


Level 6

Thanks for sharing.

AC coin$

Level 5

I see clean my coin now thank

Long Beard

Level 5

A beautiful state. From Brattleboro in the south to Killington and Burlington on Lake Champlain.


Level 5

Amazing. I think its a dinosaur. Who finds these things in coins? So many quarters and designs. So much to search.

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