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16 Jun 2021

Vacation pictures

| user_36221

I will be sharing photos of national park picture with ericnation. This was the firefall that we watched at el capitain in February. But we went to Seqouia and saw lots of trees. They were huge! We saw tokopah falls and we saw the water fall that was 12.5 mi round trip.


AC coin$

Level 6

Should have placed at least a coin or token related to the sites you visited. Nice pics, hoped you had fun.


Level 5

Amazing! Yosemite National Park has been on the top of my bucket list for a very long time. To tie it in with something coin related, how about you write a blog about the Yosemite quarter as well?


Level 6

Your photos are wonderful! Have a great time and don't for get to search your change ; )


Level 3

K, and yes That is Snow in June it was very weird.


Level 6

Is that snow on the mountains in June? ; )


Level 5

Awesome pictures of the parks. Love hiking and water falls.


Level 6

I agree with Lomgstrider. I like hearing about National Parks since live close to others. Maybe add a photo of tokens, medals , or elongated cents from the parks.


Level 6

Great shots BUT you need to tie this into some coin idea. Just show the quarter of Yosemite or something. We all want to see your holiday photos but use coinage some how, please. Thanks kid.

Long Beard

Level 5

Loved Yosemite National Park. Went there in August of 2012, my second trip, and need to return for the fire falls.


Level 5

OK this should be on a forum. But now there is no sense in deleting this. I have been dying to see Yosemite and Devils Postpile for myself for years. Nice. fodder

I. R. Bama

Level 5

You should put this in the forum! Hope you have fun!


Level 7

Erick listen these are nice. But they have nothing to do with coins. . Blogs have to do with coins. I'm not upset . But you have to tie this with coins. I can show my wedding pictures . Do you understand. Waite till it's over . Write about coin shops you go to. . But please I would love to be on the trip with you. But it has to be about coins. That's why we write them . We share our knowledge about coins. Not pictures. Find those elongated cent machines . There all over buy one and write about them. People.have collections of those. Enjoy your trip. Be safe and be well .

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