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21 Aug 2018

Early Coppers Part2

Young Numismatists Exchange | Big Nub Numismatics

Continuing from my last blog post about early American coppers, I will go into detail about the Matron head, and classic head. First things first, I will share my opinion with you on Large cents. They are full of history, and are quite large, which gives them a sort of mystery that no other coin series has. The fact that they are so big, and the mintages are much less than the small cents makes them very collectable, indeed that is why I like collecting them because it is cool to hold a penny that is just under the size of a modern half dollar. Alas, I think the designs on the large cents could have been better, a lot better. I think that the large cents hold the title for least beautiful design. The Matron head gives an image of a very portly Miss Liberty, much different than August St. Gauden's double eagle. The designs just are not attractive. That being said, on to the history.

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