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20 Sep 2020

First Addition in a long time

| Big Nub Numismatics

Today I was able to go look at some coins for the first time since before this coronavirus happened. Unfortunately, it wasn't a coin show or coin shop, but an antique mall I've had success in the previous few times I've gone in. On the one hand, it was the only thing open on a Sunday, and on the other, I thought that maybe dealers would not have changed any prices since before silver went up so high, so maybe I could pick up some cheap constitutional silver.

As with any place, I knew I had to be careful about fakes and forgeries, especially at an antique mall, and I didn't go near the high-priced key dates some booths had. One booth that caught my eye had a large assemblage of flying eagle cents. The prices were decent and reasonable, and most were coins I'd be proud to have in my collection, but one of the coins in the seemingly "junk bin" stood out. The 1858 Large lettered coin was well struck, and worn evenly to a solid VG grade. The coin, however, was missing "America" as well as partially obscuring the eagle's wing and tail feathers.

I determined it might be a struck through grease error and scooped it up. For the price I paid, even if it doesn't turn out to be a grease error, it will still be a great pocket piece and learning experience.

Sorry for the poor photos, for some reason this coin just didn't want to have a good picture.



Level 5

Awesome find!


Level 5

Nice find! Congrats! Cheers, NumisMaster


Level 5

Looks like a nice enough coin to take a chance on.


Level 3

Nice coin sound really cool.


Level 5

Cool! I am still looking for a local antique shop with some old coins at lower prices than the average dealer


Level 6

great pick up. Struck though, I agree. Thanks.


Level 4

Love it! I went to an antique shop one time to look for Indian Heads, but when I saw the owner wanted $14 for a cleaned 1859 in around AG condition, I realized I struck out. You win some, you lose some. In this case, you won one; good eye, Nub!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Good Eye BN, I think you're on the money with your struck-through assessment. I hope we're all able to get back to normal with coin shows and coin shops soonest.


Level 6

Sounds like a nice pickup. I know my additions have slowed down.


Level 5

Antique malls have coins, but usually overpriced. I don't understand why they can't price at a reasonable amount? I think they expect people to pay anything not knowing. If you collect coins you know a fair price, and if your not a collector why would you bother? Looks like your flying eagle was a good find if the price was right. With the increase in silver these people could sell it all, but they put another high price above the current rate. Why dont they mark it right at melt and sell it all? It's still way more then they would of made a few months ago. I do enjoy antique malls a lot though.


Level 5

Yup, we occasionally find nice things in Antique Shops as well, but you are correct, fakes as well as some folks just think because it's silver, or over 50 years old, or a wheat cent or many other reasons it's worth hundreds to thousands of dollars. I had one guy try to insist that his 1943 steel cent was worth over a thousand dollars and was a rare piece. I didn't try to disabuse him of that notion since I know that "A person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still". This is a nice looking cent, thanks for sharing.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Love Flying Eagles, great pick up. Probably struck through grease but it is an error of some sort. I have one I wrote a blog on that I remember you commenting on. Great find, congrats!


Level 7

These were done also. I hope it's good. But I like everything. This looks good nice pick up. I have two of these. You're is in better shape. Thanks nub.


Level 3


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