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12 May 2019

Numismatic Book Review-Inside the Rare Coin Market

| Big Nub Numismatics

Inside the Rare Coin Market is written by Q. David Bowers and published by Whitman Publishing in 2017. This is one of my favorite books published by Whitman and Dave Bowers. This book goes through not only the collectors side, but also assembling a collection to an investor. I was not reading for the investment side, but you can certainly appreciate a book with a multitude of purposes and audiences. Over 300 pages, this book can keep you occupied for several hours at a time. Well written, excellent read. It flows nicely and is put together expertly. Everything you expect from a book written by Q. David Bowers. I definitely recommend this book to anyone in numismatics or wanting to be part of numismatics. 6/5.



Level 2

The Expert's Guide to Collecting and Investing In Rare Coins was a book that QDB wrote in 2006. I recommend it as a good read also.


Level 6

Any book from Q. David Bowers is a great book for sure!


Level 4

Thank you. I am always looking for good books on this subject.


Level 6

I have not found a bad book from QDB. Any of his books are worthy to have in your personal library.


Level 4

I have this book in my library.

hmmm, sounds interesting.... Is it in the ANA library?

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