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29 Jun 2018

Saving Space and Money

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This week I decided to go through my collection and reorganize it. It was starting to overflow in my limited space. I went to Dollar Tree, and saw some interesting crafting containers. I bought a few, thinking they would fit some of my coins in round Kointainers. They worked extremely well. Since it was so cheap I decided to go back and look for more things. They had different craft containers when I got back, they were tubular. I checked, and they had no PVC in them, although if it is made with some other polymer, the affects may still be in the future. They had ones to fit nickels, quarters, halves, dollars, and various one ounce coins. They are about 10% cheaper than actual coins tubes, not a lot of savings, but I fid a lot more Dollar Trees than I do coin suppliers. Any way, I was wondering if anyone had ideas on how to save space in your collection? My reorganization still couldn't fit most of my world coins and stamps.



Level 6

Sounds like you found something that works for you...and cheap too. Heaven knows we all spent enough money on the coins we collect let alone something to keep them in. I'll have to check out my local Dollar General, see what I can find. Great blog. Thanks!


Level 6

Whatever works! Perhaps yrs from now you will look for other types of holders too.


Level 6

One thing many coin collectors do, is reorganize, and then reorganize again. I have been doing it over 50 years.


Level 4

Hobby Lobby has a lot of coin tubes and slips, as well as a lot of other coin storage things, such as albums and boxes to put your 2 by 2's in. They also have some great, really slim stamp books that still hold quite a bit of stamps. And all of them are fairly cheap. :)


Level 6

Space can be a problem. It sounds like what ever you go with you are doing it right. Checking for PVC's is very smart. I think your choices are going to reflect the level of protection you want.. Plenty of coin suppliers on line. Just watch that shipping charge. I have found free shipping guys on eBay.. Good luck.


Level 7

As long as they fit your good. I like them also and the air tites. Take care of them they will take care of you. Good work. Mike.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I don’t know. For world coins, you can probably just throw them in bins and jars if they are modern. For stamps I would just get stamp binder pages and put them in there.

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