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13 Jul 2018


| Big Nub Numismatics

As currency and economics change each day, people have to cope with it. In 2009, an anonymous creator and software developer named, Satoshi Nakamoto, designed Bitcoin. Many people think that the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is just in a bubble, and in recent news many people have been using its anonymous, decentralized banking network properties for illegal stuff like buying drugs. The U.S. government has set governing laws about using bitcoin, and the U.S. government has also seized its opportunity to steal from its citizens even more by "seizing" their bitcoins. China has banned trading bitcoin, making a very hostile thing to own. t is sort of like the 1933 St.Gaudens Gold Double-Eagles. Bitcoin is a currency unlike anything we have seen so far. It has no central bank, and the people control it. It uses an encrypted blockchain, which almost ensures its safety. Although nothing is always safe. Bitcoin is currently over 6,000 USD, and is at a slight decline after 2017 and 2018 had a sharp incline in pricing when it hit over 19,000 USD. Cryptocurrencies give a new side to numismatics, because cryptocurrency is still currency. I have begun collecting cryptocurrencies this past week. I currently have some dogecoins, and some very low fractions of bitcoin. This can be a fun, and interesting way to collect, and maybe even get a profit, just like "regular numismatics. You could build a type set, and find as many types of this new currency as you can. Many websites offer digital wallets so you can store them. I have found it quite fun to collect these along with my U.S. currency. You can sign up for free bit faucets, and doge faucets, offering you another fun way to collect for free. Some websites like these are at the bottom if you would like to try, just copy and paste the address in anew tab. How knows what the future of numismatics holds next? Checks, only order, credit and debit cards, and now cryptocurrency. It is all part of the history of numismatics. Many books are out on this subject, like another book in the "for dummies" book series titled Bitcoin for Dummies by Prypto, or John Wiley and Sons. There are many opportunities out there. I wish you all the best!

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