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26 Jun 2018

Seated Liberty Dimes

Coins | Big Nub Numismatics

Earlier today, I had some spare time coming back from a movie, and an odd antique shop passed in front of me. I quickly found a parking space, eager to get inside, hopeful of what I might find. When I got in there, it was basically any other antique shop, filled with old stuff people want enormous amounts for, except one display case. This display case, owned by my favorite coin dealers, had an absolutely great deal on seated liberty dimes. Six dollars a piece, all of them could easily grade above G-4, not the most attractive, but definitely the cheapest. I bought all they had. This selection included two 1853 with rays, an 1852, an 1842, and a common 1883. If you like this classic design from the 1800's, or you aren't familiar, here are some facts about these wonderful pieces of history.

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