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19 Jun 2018

The Old Man of the Mountain.

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State quarters were a great hit among the public when they first appeared. At the height, over 120 million people collected this series, but this immediately died off after 2009. We've all seen the New Hampshire coin, minted in 2000. The coin's obverse has an inscription on the side of the mountain, Old Man of the Mountain. No big deal right? On May 3, 2003 this stone structure collapsed, leaving the New Hampshire state quarter the best history lesson in the series. This formation was a series of cliff edges made of granite along Cannon Mountain. It is reported to be formed by the process of water erosion from thawing and freezing. Found in 1805, many explorers thought this protrusion of rock looked like god himself. As the state symbol, it was a hard hit for the people of New Hampshire. This just goes to show how coins can be some of the last remaining pictures of an object. Maybe in 200 years someone will find this coin and find out the lost history of it in the far future.

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