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15 Jun 2018

Choosing A Holder

Coins | Big Nub Numismatics

Containers are one of the first things to be purchased by a new collector. As new varieties and brands are appearing on the market, which ones to choose. The most cost efficient way for a beginner to protect their collections is with a 2x2 cardboard coin flip. Costing as low as three cents a piece it is an affordable way to protect your investments. Hard, inert plastic containers give the most protection, but are costly. These containers should be used only if the coin you're protecting is in a high grade, or a rare coin in which a scratch mark could mean a loss of a significant amount of money. Self sealable 2x2 coin flips are probably my least favorite container. Once you put a coin in there, you're never going to be able to hold in your hand again unless you are good with purchasing another one. Along with these problems is the moderate cost for this kind of container. The lowest cost I've seen for these self-sealable containers is forty cents. The most important thing to remember is how the holder fits in your budget, and what kind of coins you are using them for.

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