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17 Jun 2018

The Fall of Numismatics

Coins | Big Nub Numismatics

The fall of Numismatics through young collectors is very prominent. Throughout the school year, my classmates were perplexed by how I was spending money, on money. Time after time I would explain to them it's not how I look at it,I'm buying history. Along with that history coins were actually intrinsically valuable back then. A few classmates I did, however, turn into numismatics. They're not very good at it yet, but that comes with experience. I think the reason this generation is not lobbying anymore is the rise of technology. Why would you want to spend time looking at some old crap when you look at a tiny screen instead? Although technology has made great advancements in the hobby. Along with the phone problem, coins aren't made of anything intrinsically useful anymore. Pennies are now just copper coated, and they wear very easily, and also spot very easily. Nickels are about the only unchanged comp. since WWII. I'm trying my hardest to get more young people to collect so the hobby is still around in a hundred years.

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