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17 Jun 2018

World Cup Coins

| Big Nub Numismatics

If most of you do not know, the FIFA World Cup is underway. Teams from around the globe taking on each other for the greatest title in soccer. In 1994, when the World Cup was in the USA, the U.S. minted a commemorative silver and clad dollar, a silver and clad half dollar, and a gold five dollar piece. Interesting pieces of history, but not numismatically pleasing. These are quite expensive for what they are, and they have very high mintages for commemorativesjavascript:nicTemp(); This article is very nice and gives lots of detailed information, along with giving pictures.



Level 6

Ooops, The link didn't work for me. Thanks for the info. Would like to see the photo's.

I tried the link again, see if it works now.

Please, check the link you posted. It doesn't work for me. I would really like to see those coins.


Level 6

Not the most attractive commems, but nice in their own way.


Level 6

Wow! I'm not a soccer fan personally. I prefer hockey or rugby. Or the Biathlon.. Nice blog. Thanks for the info and link..


Level 7

I was lucky to get the one coin they used for the cup four years ago. They are expensive but know the one the country is having made. That's important the mintage was ten thousand there are eighty thousand in the stadium. Mike.

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