16 Jun 2018

A very small world coin collection of only cats.



Level 5

Very interesting collection. I haven't had any problems with posting pics, so if you need some help let me know


Level 5

Haha, love the quirky collection! (:


Level 6

Come back and put up some photos. The ana office will be happy to help. Thanks.


Level 7

Just send the ANA an email they will tell you how. We learned you can


Level 6

Like to see pics. I'm a cat person :)


Level 6

Call the ANA on Monday, they can walk you through it. Good Luck!

No pictures available because I can not find a way to get them on here.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

Make sure they are square photos. You can either edit them into a square or use the square setting when taking a photo. Iphones have a square photo setting that should work.

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