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19 Dec 2022

Early Christmas

| user_39492

Hello all, I really don't have a blog just a blessing. Today I was with a couple of friends and one knew I've really been involved with my coin obsession and told me he had some coins his dad left him. As we were going through the Buffalo Nickels he said I got a gift for you at no cost,his exact words were "I've never seen you so happy and involved with coins and I'm tired of you asking me do you got any good ones" so in a shoe box he had some beautiful coins. He told me to reach in and what ever I pull out it was my Christmas present so I was excited. I pulled out this 1921 high relief Peace Dollar and it is beautiful!!! He didn't know much about it, but told me to enjoy my hobby and don't let anyone take your joy. I want to say Thank You for the wonderful gift and I'm sending it to be slabbed ASAP. Thanks again everyone for your support and I hope you all get a great present like mine.

02 Dec 2022

Unusual 2022-P Roosevelt Dime

Coins-United States | user_39492

Hello all, today I was at the gas station getting lottery tickets and a couple of other items when the cashier told me my total and she gave me my change back and I noticed something unusual. One of the dimes she gave me didn't look like the other one she gave me so when I got in the car I put it in a napkin until I got home. Looking at it with my loupe I noticed that it wasn't reeded and it also weighed 2.3 grams. With all the great minds here I was hoping someone in the community could help me out, it's a 2022-P also so I would like to think it's a error coin. Thanks again and I also hope if it's not an error, I might still have a chance on lottery,lol.

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