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18 Jul 2020

Blank side on a Lincoln Cent

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I've inherited 2 coin collections and 1 stamp collection. Hats off to stamp collectors.
In one of the collections I've found a 1953 Lincoln that is blank on the reverse. The obverse is ok but not stamped as well as I've seen. The obverse has a rim, the reverse doesn't.
I've looked at the reverse with a 200x digital microscope and can see no evidence of grinding, polishing, etc.
I don't know how to send pics. The best that I can do right now is send a pic from my flip phone. If there's a phone # that I can send it to, I would really appreciate it.
I do have plans to learn how to do these things. I've been told and wrote it down and I think my wife threw it away, of course she denies it. I am getting a little on in age.
Any help will be greatly appreciated, Paul
P.S. This is the third time that I've tried to post this, so, hopefully I got it right this time, thx again.



Level 6

I don't see how the coin could only have a rim on one side. The rims are put in during the upsetting stage at the mint. I do, just now, remember that the cent blanks are purchased by the mint. The only coin blank not made by the mint. I recon anything could happen that way. I agree with Mokie, weigh that baby. Welcome to our site. I'm glad you didn't give up putting this blog up. Thanks.


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We had someone post about this same type of error a couple weeks ago. Although fairly rare, these errors do occur. Need pictures of it for sure. Just search the net for theae errors and post the info. A lot of errors go for 50 to a few hundred dollars, with extremely unusual and rare errors are worth more to those who collect them. Keep us informed of what you find out and have. Exciting to find errors !


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I received a gift from someone. I opened it up there was a box. Inside was a die and a blank cent.Both sides. The die was real it had its number and a small book describing the set. I think there great. Thanks for your information and sharing with us.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Sounds like an interesting mystery to figure out! Please update us!

It's Mokie

Level 6

your best bet is to weigh it and see if it is within tolerance for a cent. It should weigh 3.11 grams. If you do not have a digital scale, just take it to a jeweler or a coin shop and they will have one. BTW, a digital scale is a great tool for a coin collector and can be purchased on ebay for less than 30 dollars. I don't think seeing a picture, in this case, would be that helpful as you have already stated that you see no evidence of alteration on the reverse.

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