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18 Jul 2020

Blank side on a Lincoln Cent

Coins-United States | user_40973

I've inherited 2 coin collections and 1 stamp collection. Hats off to stamp collectors.In one of the collections I've found a 1953 Lincoln that is blank on the reverse. The obverse is ok but not stamped as well as I've seen. The obverse has a rim, the reverse doesn't.I've looked at the reverse with a 200x digital microscope and can see no evidence of grinding, polishing, etc.I don't know how to send pics. The best that I can do right now is send a pic from my flip phone. If there's a phone # that I can send it to, I would really appreciate it.I do have plans to learn how to do these things. I've been told and wrote it down and I think my wife threw it away, of course she denies it. I am getting a little on in age.Any help will be greatly appreciated, PaulP.S. This is the third time that I've tried to post this, so, hopefully I got it right this time, thx again.

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