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25 May 2018

1881 s Morgan Dollar

Coins | user_41846

I researching this one for as a possible vam variety. There are tons of vams,  Have you seen this one?



Level 6

Check it out! Some of these varieties are too subtle for me!


Level 6

Another nice Morgan! It could be a Vam. There are a ton of Vam Morgan Dollars... Get a book and start looking or go to www.vamworld.com Longstrider would know...He's the "Vam Man" around here ; ) Good Luck!


Level 6

I was looking for it in vam world when I realized, what am I doing? YOU need to look for it. Once again, www.vamworld.com... Let us please know what you find. Thanks!


Level 7

Morgan's have so many vams . There known for them there 're books on them.

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