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25 May 2018

1921 Morgan broken "A" reverse [Americ"A"]

Coins | user_41846

Die Break "A" in Americ [A] reverse.



Level 3

Quick update on this one, I haven't found any other examples of this type but I'm still searching.


Level 6

Cool Morgan! Great die break!


Level 4

Nice find! Very cool, keep us posted in your finds!


Level 6

And again: www.vamworld.com... There are usually more than one tell in a VAM. Let us know what you find. I don't want to be mean but try for more than one sentence blogs. We would like to know what you find. Great photos!! Thanks!


Level 6

Great photo. Is this a new discovery?


Level 3

Hello Coin Lady, I must admit I don't know. I have been directed to a couple good web sites that I hoping will answer some questions. I will be sure and update this blog with my findings.


Level 7

You will find many die breaks on our coinage. Good eyes.

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