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25 May 2018

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

Coins | user_41846

1921 Morgan. Awesome DD piece; would you send to grade? I would like to but not sure if it is worth it. advise..



Level 6

I would take the chance. They attribute varieties.


Level 6

It's a pretty Morgan. I'm not sure if that is "true" doubling. The best way to know for sure is take it to a coin dealer. And again I wouldn't send it in to get graded yet. Good luck!


Level 4

Very well defined LIBERTY, and the letters have nice edges, but, in reality, it's all up to you. :)


Level 7

Don't worry about value. Learn about the coins first value is not on top of the list. That coin if it's circulated will cost you more to send and get graded than its worth. By the Red Book first it has all our coinage in it and every price. Take it to a dealer he won't charge you to look at it. We have a saying buy the book first then the coin. Grading a coin does not mean the price goes up. Most of the time depending on the coin it will go down. Save your money for a coin that deserves protection and encapsulation. Mike.


Level 6

You need to check out www.vanworld.com. They will have it if it exists. Good luck. Anacs is the place to grade VAM varieties usually.. Good luck!


Level 3

wasn't sure if i should send it off to have it graded being that its a double. It's not in the best shape. I don't know if having it graded and authenticated by ANC would increase its value. I don't want to send it for break even ( cost to ship and grade = coin value).


Level 6

You probably can grade this coin yourself. Or are you asking, is it worth to slab?


Level 3

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