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31 May 2018

1957-D Lincoln Wheat Cent

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Hello everyone

I found another fun coin!
It's a 1957-D Lincoln Wheat Cent that appears double struck on it's obverse ( Lincolns face) . The specifications are as follows:
Weight~ 3.1g
Dia. ~19.0mm
Alloy~ .950 copper, .050 tin and zinc.
I grade this example as a VF-20-30.
I hope you enjoy this example as much as I do. 


Great find, I would have dropped my loupe too!


Level 3

Awesome! Well I didn't get rich but I'm having fun. Numinerd9 thanks for the insight, I'm going to study the differences between true hub and/or die doubling and strike doubling. Thanks all.


Level 5

Hello user_41846! You won't find any info on this specific piece in any reference book, other than the appendix in the back of the Cherrypickers' Guide that refers to the differences between strike doubling and true, hub and/or die doubling. Too long to explain here and no need to reinvent the wheel; Bill and JT already explained it perfectly well enough. Not a true error and no premium in value above the price of a 'normal' later-date wheat cent. Still, fun-looking coin and nice conversation piece! -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


Level 6

Very cool! Great find and photo's!


Level 3

I actually dropped my loupe when I seen this one lol...its a beauty to me. "Cherry Pickers guide" sounds like a good reference source, I'm will look into investing in one. You folks are pure greatness. thanks. My bought my camera from amazon, it's a " Wisamic HDMI Digital Microscope 10x-300x Optical Zoom 1920x1080P Resolution with Workbench, LED Lights and LCD Display ". no buyers remorse for me with this one.


Level 6

Nice find. I don't see it in the cherry Pickers Guide.. New find maybe???


Level 5

Great pictures. What do you use for your close up photos?


Level 6

Great photos, fun find.

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