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11 Sep 2021

A Brief History of PCGS OGH Holders (and the 2021 Annual YN Auction)

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Hello everyone! I have a lot to talk about for this blog, so I'm going to do my best to keep it short. Before I start, I'm going to go ahead and say that I have a new schedule for my blogs. The plan is to post every Saturday, with most articles being related to a recent pickup (like this blog).

First of all, I want to pay respects to those who lost their lives due to the terrorist attacks 20 years ago. It was a very tragic event, let us all remember to pray for all the people who lost family members because of it.

Today was the 2021 Annual YN Auction, and though the lots were great, I can't say the same about how I did. There was a ton of really nice slabbed US coins, which was very cool to see in the auction. But, to start things off, I wasn't home and missed the first half of the auction. I got home in time to see this year's gold piece: a PCGS 1994 W $5 American Gold Eagle, graded PR-69 DCAM. Shockingly, it sold for only 1400 YN dollars. In fact, most of the lots went really low, which makes me glad that some of the new members could win a few lots. Back to me, it finally got to the slabbed coins that I wanted to bid on. And that's when it happened... the internet randomly started crashing. I ran down the stairs to get a better wifi connection, and broke my toe in the process lol. Luckily, I was able to snag lot #62 before the internet entirely went out. It was a PCGS 1958 Lincoln cent PR-66 OGH green label. Very glad I was able to get it, because the internet was down for the following 4 hours. I had still wanted to win one other lot, but I guess that means more dollars for the monthly auctions.

Let's continue on to the article part of my blog. I won't get into too much detail about each holder, so this is mainly going to be for new collectors. Because I won a PCGS OGH Lincoln cent, that's exactly what I'll be discussing: PCGS older generation holders.

The PCGS made their first slab in 1986, now known as "rattlers". They are given this name because of how loosely the coin sits in the holder, so when you shake it they will often rattle around and rotate (but don't worry, it isn't very damaging for the coin unless you are careful with it). The rattler generation of PCGS holders are broken into 3 categories (1.0, 1.1, and 1.2). The first two types have a white label, and are very rare. You can tell them apart by the shape of the numeral 5 (enlarge photos). Gen 1.0 was only in production for the first few days of the PCGS, and gen 1.1 was only made for around a week.

Most of the time when you see a rattler, you'll see gen 1.3, which was made from February of 1986 to September of 1989. These rattlers have a green label, but otherwise do not have very many differences from the previous two types. Rattlers are very high in demand and people will often pay a very high premium for them. It's pretty common for you to find them with a green bean or gold CAC sticker.

Generations 2 and 3 are also considered OGHs, and can be separated from newer slabs by their green label. All three labels from generation 2 are considered scarce. The first (2.0) is quite different from the others, for it has a blue and white pattern of what appears to be gears in the background, along with the PCGS logo in white all over. This design was made in 1989. For the rest of gen 2 and 3, the only major differences will be the shade of green and the font on the label. Gen 3.0 and 3.1 are much more common, but still carry a premium. The 1958 proof wheat cent that I won in the YN auction is a generation 3.1 holder. I know it is a gen 3.1 because it has "copying prohibited" on the back, which isn't on any other green label PCGS holder.

Probably on the top of my bucket list right now is a nice Lincoln cent rattler. I'll make sure it gets a blog of its own if I ever find a suitable one. That's all for now. Do any of you have a PCGS rattler? If you do, let me know in the comments! All this information came from the PCGS website, on their "Museum of Holders" page. It's really neat and you should check it out, I'll put a link down below. Thank you all for reading! Stay safe, and keep on collecting.

Your fellow numismatist, Timothy

PCGS Museum of Coin Holders


AC coin$

Level 6

Nice collection sample... Thanks


Level 5

Nice blog! Sorry about your internet problem.... and nice win! (I decided not to bid on it, partly so you could win it, and party because it went a little out of my price range) I look forward to better pictures of it.

Long Beard

Level 5

Having finished the entire Lincoln Cent series by date/mint mark many years ago, I've concentrated on full red examples in either PCGS or NGC black core holders. Copper is absolutely stunning against black, only in full red though. Just curious what lot #63 went for? Since I have only seen a few in black core holders, and lost every bid, double the market value would not be a shock. I'd pay that. Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Great blog! I love those old "rattlers"... I have a few and its funny the coin really does rattle around. Sorry about your toe! Take care. ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

Congratulations on your auction win and thank you for an excellent history of PCGS slabs. Funny how they have become collectible in their own right.


Level 6

A toe is a small price to pay for a nice coin like that and in a Rattler too. Nice write up. I just love the internet. Take care of that toe. Try not to slam it again. I have a couple of coins in Rattler slabs. They really do rattle. One can spend a lot of time trying to get the coin pointed correctly. Thanks.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Broken toes are a nuisance, aren't they. Done it several times usually walking around the house. Thanks for an overview of old holders


Level 5

Nice cent from the auction. Sorry about the toe, and internet connection problem. Hopefully won't be as hectic next time. I need to check my holders. Might have a couple rattlers?


Level 5

Thanks, let me know what you find!


Level 7

Sorry about your toe! That must hurt!! I have a few rattlers. Thank you for remembering those who died that day. I was in the city when the first plane hit. I was close but it was behind me. Well you got a nice cent there. It was worth the toe!! Glad you had an eventful day and exciting one. Take care of that toe!!!


Level 5

It's really not that bad. The cent was worth it! I'll put some better pics in a forum once it comes in

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