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29 Aug 2021

The Upstate Coin Show

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Hello everyone! I'm back to share with you my very first experience at a coin show. Covid-19 has made it difficult to go to my first show. I had tried to visit a local show earlier this year, but it was cancelled. But a few weeks ago I checked the schedule again and found the Upstate Coin Show, which had 50+ dealer tables. The original dates had been rescheduled, but the show was still on. Me and my dad went out to it on Saturday and spent several hours there.

Once inside, I went straight for the first unoccupied table and started flipping through huge binders crammed with coins. I did not know what to expect, so I spent the first hour looking around without buying anything. I was a bit nervous talking with the dealers at first, but as time went on I got a lot more comfortable being in the same room as a hundred other coin collectors. I seemed to be the only YN there, though the dealers didn't treat me any different than all the other serious collectors.

It was about an hour in and I came up to a bin of Lincoln cents in 2x2s that I went through. I have been working on a toned Lincoln cent set registry, and my top priority at the show was to find some raw toners for me to sub to PCGS. In the bin I found my first two cents for consideration: a 1958 with some light toning around the rim, and a brown 1941 with a vibrant blue and purple tone. I grabbed them both for $3, and once I got home I graded them both as a 64. That rules out the 1958, but the 1941 is still a possibility.

After leaving for lunch, I went for a table that I had missed earlier that mostly had slabbed Roosevelt dimes. The dealer there was very kind and we had a very good conversation. It was in one of his binders that I found a perfect cent to send in to PCGS: a 1962 brown proof with blue, purple, and yellow on both the obverse and reverse. This was a pretty common type of toning for cents and nickels in the early 1960s, and one that would be a nice addition to my set. I bought it for just $2, and graded it a PR66 BN. He had some great prices marked on the certified dimes, so I had to grab one (though I might be reselling it). It was a 1959 graded MS66 by PCGS, and had a nice blue tone. I added it to the pickups for $28.

To wrap things up, I made one last purchase at a table with several boxes that held hundreds of plastic flips in neat rows. It took a while to go through them all, and I was tempted to go way over budget at this table. After half an hour of examining and thought, I picked out two Lincoln cents to add to my personal collection. One was a 2019 W proof Lincoln cent for only $5, which made my third west point minted cent. The second was an upgrade for my current 1857 Flying Eagle cent. It had great feather detail, and I graded it VF-30. I paid $26 for it.

That's all of my pickups at my first coin show, and I had a lot of fun finding them. I'll let you know when I have put together my PCGS submission and what coins were chosen in a future blog. The 2021 Annual YN Auction is happening in just a few weeks, and I am very excited! There are some great coins up for auction, and best of luck to all of you YNs! I'll be sure to update you if I win anything.

Thankyou all for reading! As always, stay safe, and keep on collecting! Your fellow numismatist, Timothy


AC coin$

Level 6

I see a great experience and brings you to a serious consideration of your wonderful collection.


Level 6

Nice blog! Beautiful toned cents! Sounds like you had a great time! ; )


Level 6

Great people and great times. You know you are at a coin show when you see that big ANACS banner. Glad you did well and had fun with your dad. Thanks.


Level 5

Good to hear you had fun! Beautiful Lincoln cents.


Level 4

Looks like you found some really nice coins and it reminded me I needed to get one of those 2019-W cents too. I saw one the first time a the moneyfactory (BEP) in Fort Worth. I know they print things, but in the little sales room at the end of the tour they did have in addition to souvenir notes they had mint medals and sets one being the new 2019 proof and mint sets with the extra cent. Thanks for sharing and good luck in your toned finds.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Good strategy to look around first. I do that. I tend to gravitate to the same three dealers at the local show. I should broaden my horizons...


Level 5

Awesome show. Would of loved to attend.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Love the local shows, they are the heart and soul of downstream numismatics.


Level 5

Great pickups! Sounds like you had fun!


Level 7

Good to have you back. Well it sounds like you had fun and picked up some nice coins. That's what it's all about. Like that cent. Beautiful. You did great Congradulations on the pick ups.

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