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10 Dec 2021

Toned Lincoln Cent Collection Update

| CentSearcher

Hello everyone! I think another blog post is due, and I've got plenty of news and pickups to cover. I have made several purchases for my type set as well, but I'll save that for a separate blog when I get a type set album. Let's get into it.

Set Registry, Collection Name, and Website
I added my toned Lincolns to two PCGS set registries, circulation strike 1909 - date (ranked #48), and mirror proof 1936 - date (ranked #56). I haven't been able to come up with a fitting set name though. It's going to stick for as long as I have the set, so I need to come up with a good one. Please comment any suggestions. Here are some examples of names of other sets: The Metallurgist, Lincoln Proofs Gone Wild, The Rail Splitter Collection, Prism of Color, and Kaleidoscope of Color. And for my website. I've been taking a course on web design, so naturally I had to build a website for my collection for the fun of it. It's not complete, but most of it is. Links to my set registry and website are below:

Set Registry: Circulation Strikes
Set Registry: Proof Strikes
My website

Recent Pickups

Now for my recent purchases for my set. A few weeks ago, I bought a PCGS 1964, graded PR66 RB for $55. Compared to some of the other proof dates from the 1960s, it isn't easy to find them with good toning for a decent price, so I'm glad to be able to get it. I haven't got it in the mail yet, but you can see the TrueView down below. After that I came across a stunning PCGS 1944 with shades of purple and green, graded MS64 BN. It was $45, and for that price I simply couldn't turn it down. Last Sunday I was able to win a PCGS 1962 with a solid pink graded PR67 RB, for just $14! I have a BN 1962 at PCGS right now, so once it comes back I might trade it or sell it away. And speaking of trading, I gave up my PR67 RB 1961 a few days ago for a 1961 of the same grade, but with a better variety of color. I have the TrueView images attached below.

PCGS Submission

The 1962 toned proof that I submitted through a friend is still at PCGS right now, and I probably won't get the results until another month or so. I am already putting together my second submission, and so far I have 3 toned Lincolns. The first is the silver toned 1964 proof that I showed in my previous blog, so I'll skip over that one. A little while ago I bought a 1954 S with some deep blue toning, as well as a bit of purple. It should grade MS65 BN. Most recently, I bought a 1945 with a red and orange obverse, and blue and purple reverse. It should grade MS66 RB. If I don't find any others for the submission, I'll probably be sending them off in a few weeks.

That's all I have for this blog. Thank you all for reading! Next update should be in a few weeks, probably around Christmas. Stay safe, and keep on collecting. Your fellow numismatist, Timothy



Level 4

WOW! These coins are beauties. I do not have many toners, and the ones I do have are not nearly as good as these!


Level 6

They are beautiful! Great collection! ; )


Level 5

Some beatifully toned coins! Great deals!


Level 6

Great group of beauties.


Level 7

I think the cents are better to look at times than the silver. Thanks for these great pictures and your pick ups.

Long Beard

Level 5

You have a great eye. I can say from experience that those PCGS True-view images do not represent those '60's specimens as to how they look in hand. Stunning colors!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Love the colors on that 1961. Thanks for sharing your beauties.


Level 5

Your going to have something very special to be proud of. Your set is fantastic, by looking at these coins. Keep working on it. Something like you will have takes time and will be very unique. Great work.


Level 4

Woooooooooooooow. Nice coins. I don't usually collect toned coins, but I have a couple. My oldest is a 10 yen 1978 BU coin, which I won at this year's ANA YN Auction

AC coin$

Level 6

Wooow . They are beautiful coins very impressive . Good blog informative . Thanks for sharing . Wooow


Level 5

Great blog! If you ever need to sell that '64, just let me know! I really like the green toning on it. Congrats on your deals! $14 for a proof toner-just wow!


Level 5

Thanks! Though the 1964 is probably one of the coins I will keep, regardless if I buy an upgrade for it

Yeah, it looks really nice!

I don't have coins as beautifully toned as those!

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