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15 Feb 2021

My inspiration

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Most of us started somewhere, and most of us at that starting point had an inspiration to start collecting. My grandfather was a devoted Numismatist, and he inspired me to start my journey through numismatics.

My grandfather had been a collector of many things, primarily numismatics and sports cards. He had a very sizeable collection, part of which my dad inherited when he passed away a decade ago. Occasionally, my dad would pull out some of his albums full of old coins from the storage closet and look at them. I was fascinated, though I didn't really get any ideas for a while. He didn't really "specialize" in any series, but rather he had a collection of every 20th century series, and some older 19th century sets as well.

He had given me two things personally. One was my birth year (2006) silver proof set, which he left a note for me on the COA. He also gave me a Philadelphia and Denver mint set for 2007. For a long time I had these set aside, and would occasionally take them out. They became the first coins of numismatic value that I got.

There are several other things that my dad gave me from his collection, including a pocket watch that once belonged to him. It had the American Flag on the front, and a bald eagle flying in front of the flag. This pocket watch is very special to me, because of it's sentimental value. He had worked for several years on an aircraft carrier stationed in Japan and the Philipines. One of which was the USS Forrestial ( I believe that is the one). If I remember correctly, he had received a plastic token with the date "1988", as well as some other things such as an engraving of the USS Forrestial. I included a pic of the token, it is the one with the gold color.

Just recently, my dad found a civil war token in his collection. I had actually been looking to buy one, so I decided to buy that one because of the sentimental value that adds on top of the coin's numismatic value. I attached a photo of it as well.

That is all for today, thank you all for reading! Stay safe, and keep on collecting! Your fellow numismatist, CentSearcher



Level 4

Thanks for sharing!


Level 5

Very good start! Like Mike said, you are very fortunate. My grandfathers dabbled in numismatics, so I had the same fortune. Thanks for sharing.


Level 5

Those are some nice items, I hope you enjoy them now and in the years to come. Enjoyed your pics and blog. Later!


Level 5

Great coins and story. Ive been thinking of civil war tokens. Maybe someday my grandkids will talk about me and how I got them coins and interested in the hobby.


Level 6

Great story! Thanks for sharing with us. Nice photos too! ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I enjoyed reading your blog!

It's Mokie

Level 6

What a wonderful story. I hope to be that same kind of coin collecting Grand Dad someday. (:


Level 5

Nice! The pocket watch is really cool!


Level 5

And I absolutely love the civil war token!


Level 6

Very nice story. Great pics as well.


Level 7

You had a very good start. It shows in your writings. To have your grand father give you that start he was telling you something some never learn . Get a passion for this hobby. Lern about it and the stories that they tell. You had a very good start

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