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21 Mar 2017

1914 D Buffalo Nickel

| user_43369

Just bought a nic a dated 1914 d Buffalo nickel for $4.26 a key date



Level 5

Congrats. Photos would be really nice!


Level 6

I love Buffalo Nickels! Congrats on a nice find!

A nice MS buffalo is a thing of beauty. When I get a worn Buffalo (with no readable date) I like to slip it back into circulation. That's how you get a future collector.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very smart move there. will take that into consideration


Level 6

I once got a 1914-D using date restorer. That's a good date.


Level 4

The nickel has been soaked in NIC a date and has a full horn

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

amazing deal


Level 4

Nice job - you never know where the deals or gems are going to show up - way to pay attention


Level 6

That is great.. Buffaloes nickels are great series to collect.

That sounds good. What grade would you give the nickel's condition. You should share a picture of it, if you can.


Level 7

Nice pick up keep it going and enjoy.

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