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12 Feb 2017

Coin shop

| user_43369

Hey guys I'm thinking of creating an online coin store post something if you guys think I should create an online coin store thanks



Level 5

Great aspiration. Get as much advice as you can. The other users have provided some good advice.


Level 6

Great dream. I would recommend starting with an eBay store and auctions. This will give you a good idea of what your looking at. Good luck!


Level 4

Oh by the way Conan I do online school


Level 4

I'm only 11 but I'm always being told I'm very smart

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

good luck i hope to be a businessman one of these days, but for now it is just selling candy at school


Level 6

Good job for being ambitious, but there's alot to know about owning any kind of store. Gather all your resources, learn all you can and take some classes. Good luck and have fun!


Level 7

Lots of luck but you can't do it on t his site. If you have the resources and shipping and all you need to start go for it. Always go forward if that's your dream I would. Make sure you think everything out. Pay pal the whole nine yards. My wife owned a sports memorabilia store just to keep in stock was tough but she did a great job seven years . We had players come to the store a lot of fun. I wish you luck. Mike

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