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05 Feb 2016

Mardi Gras tokens.

Exonumia | user_4339

9 2016 is Mardi Gras. In 1960 The first tokens were minted. Rex, king of Mardi Gras was the first to throw them from the floats. H. Alvin Sharp a very gifted inventor and inventor and artist, came up with the idea and designed many of them. You can find these in junk boxes garage sale or flee markets. Have fun collecting let the good Times roll.



Level 5

Ive never seen these tokens but i am sure they look cool!


Level 7

Y the way I meant to comment on your blog! Thanks for taking the time and most of all the history!mike


Level 5

I cannot say I have ever seen any of these tokens. Thanks for letting us know about them!


Level 7

Hi mike burn here! Nice to meet you Is there any reason you left seven messages on my activities block! Now it's full. What kind of content were you looking for? Take care!

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