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12 Aug 2020

Book Review

| user_4449

The book 100 Greatest Error Coins, by Nicholas Brown was a very fun read, and has caused me to now find myself looking at pocket change more closely, hoping I too will find some sort of error. Over 144 pages, I learned about errors that happened years and years ago, and errors that have happened more recently. I really loved all the pictures, and how it would relate the most famous error to smaller and more common errors, some I could actually afford to add to my own collection. I found it hard to look away from, and enjoyed every page. I also really liked how the author would go into detail about the errors, when and how it happened, other similar errors, what could have prevented it, and of course, how much they’re worth and some of the auction prices. I would definitely recommend this book, not only to coin collectors, but to anyone who wants a good, fun, and interesting read.



Level 6

Error coins are very fun! Thanks for the info!


Level 7

Do you write about coins? I'm just curious.


Level 4

I only write for my blog on here, to try and get some YN Dollars

I prefer the cherrypickers guide, these errors are usually way too rare to ever find, but most worth it if you do.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Whitman has published several 100 greatest books and they are all filled with absolutely stunning photos of the subject coins. I do have the 100 greatest error coins and 100 greatest ancient coins in my personal library. I think the series is outstanding and definitely makes me want to look more carefully at my change as well. Thanks for the great reminder of a fun book.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Yeah, I agree! Now that I know a little more what to look for, I've found several die cracks on different coins and also some off center mint marks. I still don't know all that much about this area of collecting so it would be a good book for me


Level 5

Sounds like a great book for anyone. Even if you don't collect errors it seems like it would be very interesting. If you took the time to really search, I bet you could find lots of errors, if you new what to look for ! Thanks for the post on this book. Will be looking for this book.

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