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03 Sep 2020

Book Review - Greek Coins and Their Values Vol. 1 Europe By: David R. Sear

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The book Greek Coins and Their Values, Volume 1, Europe by: David R. Sear was a 316 page look, not only into the coinage of Ancient Greece, but into the various civilizations surrounding them, and influenced by them. I read this book because I loved his book on Ancient Roman coins, but it wasn’t as good, for this felt more like a history book, and it was a little hard to keep track of what was going on, looking at numerous ancient civilizations and their coinage. However, I have always loved Ancient Greece, and I loved all the little bits and pieces of history that came with each coin. It also did not have as many pictures as the book on Roman Coins, but all in all I was glad I read it, and it gave me an abundance of knowledge on not only Ancient Greek coins, but ancient coinage from the Gauls, other parts of Italy, and about what happened to coinage during the Punic wars.


Ancient coinage has so many nuances that remain within the community, books are a great way to learn.


Level 6

Thanks for the review.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Are these re-reviews of the books you already reviewed last Fall? Seems like I am seeing similar subjects and the same author. That is a little unethical, if true.


Level 5

Never realized how many books are out there. I have a lot of reading to do. Nice subject. I need to read them all.

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