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03 Sep 2020

Book Review - Greek Coins and Their Values Vol. 2 Asia and Africa By: David R. Sear

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The book Greek Coins and Their Values Volume 2, Asia and Africa, by: David R. Sear was another great book to read. Inspired by his book on Ancient Roman coins, and then by his first volume of Ancient Greek coinage, I immediately started looking for his second volume, and was happy I found it. This book was reallllyyy long, it was 762 pages, and it was written like a textbook, and I was not able to completely read all of it, it would have taken too long. This book concentrates on coinage from Ancient Greek colonies, mainly the ones in Africa and Asia. He still includes the history lessons with each coin, and I would have liked to see more pictures again. I also really liked learning about how some of the colonies made their own coinage, and what happened when Greece fell, and about some coinage from the Hellenistic Era. I would recommend this book to anyone who liked David’s earlier books, and anyone who loves history or ancient coinage.



Level 5

Thanks for the information - not really a review.

Be active in the entire community, the YN dollars are an incentive to be active and to actually learn


Level 6

Sounds like a good book if Greek coinage is your interest. It was nice to read that this book was too long for you to finish... ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

Are these re-reviews of the books you already reviewed last Fall? Seems like I am seeing similar subjects and the same author. That is a little unethical, if true.


Level 7

Sun I give you credit as a collector. I danced around this. The other one I wrote that's 15 books in a month. I bet he doesn't own a coin he wrote about. He's reading the jacket and the introduction page. Sorry but this had to be said. He's not learning. He's hurting himself that's what bothers me. I tried telling him but he kept up. So I dropped him sorry my friend this is not the way you kearn. We offered to help you and you said no. I hope you start writing about coins and no cut and paste. You have tims.


Level 6

YES!!! What Sun said we all are thinking. Sorry but that is the way it seems.


Level 5

Have not collected these, but have thought about purchasing a couple lately. Want to pick a couple nice ones. Great book to learn more on these coins . I need to learn more.


Level 6

I do not believe you read these books. You make a quick over view just to get YN dollars. It would be nice if you would take the time to comment on other collectors blogs.


Level 6

Thanks. Someone had to say it.

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