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03 Sep 2020

Book Review - Greek Imperial Coins and Their Values, The Local Coinages of the Roman Empire by: David R. Sear

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The book, Greek Imperial Coins and Their Values, The Local Coinages of the Roman Empire by: David R. Sear, was another great book, as Sear does not disappoint. At 636 pages, I was not able to read all of it, but what I was able to read I loved. It really helped me to grow not only my knowledge of Ancient GrecoRoman coinage, but also the cultures and history that are behind the coinage and behind the empires and states. There were a lot of pictures to help with understanding the topics, and it helped to make the book exciting, and give the reader something to connect to. After reading three other of Sear’s books, I really wanted more, and they do get a little repetitive, but each book gives me something new and different to learn about, and makes me want to collect a whole lot more. I would definitely recommend this book to any numismatic, as well as anyone who loves history, especially GrecoRoman history.


AC coin$

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Be yourself, always think about yourself three times since your creative thoughts will be seen and read for who you are Good luck*


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Thanks for the book title - but it is still not a review of the content.


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You must have taken a speed reading course... but thanks for the review.


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Six . This is not how collectors learn. You think we believe you read 18 books. Well now you know what people think. There laughing . You can stop this end it take four down. It two a week for yns.so take them down. I recommend it you can't learn about coins like this.


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Any coins to go with all these books? You must read them because your collecting them. That's 18 in a month. . Write about the coins you have and try some pictures that helps. Your hurting yourself. I suggest you straighten out fast.

I don't think he's even reading any of the comments, or staying on the site long enough

It's Mokie

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Are these re-reviews of the books you already reviewed last Fall? Seems like I am seeing similar subjects and the same author. That is a little unethical, if true.


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Definately need to learn more on these coins. Thanks for the review.

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