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03 Sep 2020

Book Review - Roman Coins and Their Values (Revised 4th Edition) By: David R. Sear

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The book, Roman Coins and Their Values (Revised 4th Edition), by: David R. Sear, was the book that really got me hooked on getting my hands on some ancient Roman coins. I loved the book, and while it was a little long, with 388 pages, it took me less than a week to read it. It included lots of different pictures and descriptions that really made sure it was a fun read. It also helped me learn a lot about Ancient Rome, it talked about the emperors or rulers that were featured on the coinage, and what was going on in Rome at that time, and it was hard to put down. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone starting, or continuing a passion in collecting ancient coinage, especially Roman. I would also recommend this to anyone who likes history, and anyone who just wants something different and fun to read and to learn about.



Level 6

Thanks for the review ; )


Level 5

Not sure if it is a repeat, but the book sounds like a good read.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Are these re-reviews of the books you already reviewed last Fall? Seems like I am seeing similar subjects and the same author. That is a little unethical, if true.

Seem similar to me too, might check his profile out


Level 5

Need to read all editions. Always something new to learn.

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