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28 Aug 2016

A coins Journey, the final part

Coins | user_4449

Coin collecting is a wonderful hobby. Getting an old coin is like receiving a token from the past. You literally hold history in your hand. Think about it! First, to even start to make the coin, you have to find rocks and minerals that are often thousands if not millions of years old. Then, they are made into metal AFTER they are mined up. That's a long time already, and the metal is not even close to being circle like at all. After the metal is made, it might have get shipped overseas, or go on a long road trip in an armored truck. The heat would be unbearable! After it finally gets shipped to the mint, it gets a long bath. A bath with a billion other metals! How humiliating.... Then, they get cut and cleaned again! " This is no fun, I'd rather be back at the mine or underground again." They would say. Then they get pounded extremely hard. Their injuries resemble faces, or eagles, or words. They got tattoos, just a LOT more painfully. After an inspection, that the newly made coins are hoping to pass (they don’t want to be marked as errors and go the groove-maker machine, for it looked painful. Plus, they bet it would mean more baths and more BANGS and CLANGS and howiling OOOOW THAT HURTS. Luckily they all passed the inspection. However, the ride was far from over. After another LOOONG and hot ride, this time in an undercover semi truck, they would start going into circulation. The coins were in a lot of pain, so they didn't have time to ponder what will happen to them in "circulation." A few of them had been taken and put in velvet lined beds. Everyone was jealous, until the lid snapped shut and trapped the poor coin, that looked remarkably like John F. Kennedy, inside. The now scared coins heard the coin's muffled scream from inside, "Who turned off the lights?" Others even went into plastic tubes, where they got pilled on top of eachother. It looked like a tight and a very uncomfortable squeeze. Some even went into plastic bags where all of the air was taken out. It was a see through grave. The ones that were not put into those horrible things are the ones now stuck on boiling semi-truck. Seriously, the temperature must have been like a million degrees farentight, or at least that's what the coins thought. They would give anything for one of those freezing baths. I hope that tells you how hot they are. The semi truck came to a stop. Then dazzling and bright light came on and…………

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