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25 Oct 2021

my first gradded coin

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I went to a coin convention in annapolis and i wanted a graded coin. Getting coins graded for kids is hard because pcgs and ngc memberships are expensive. i was looking at some error coins and I saw a 1956-D jefferson nickel ms 65 condition for 15 dollars. I thought that was a good deal because in the red book of united states coins it was 20 dollars. so i talked to the guy and he told me how he got it and it was an interesting story. He got it in a trade for a 19 47 ddo and a 1900 v nickle. i bought it from him for 9 dollars witch i think is a steal and that is how i got my first graded coin


Long Beard

Level 5

Nice pickup! For myself, MS65 is the perfect grade. I collect for me and don't require a lighted magnifier to distinguish the flaws separating a 67 from 68.


Level 6

Nice find! Keep on collecting! ; )


Level 5

Very nice coin for the price. Well done. Keep up the good work. Let us know your next pick up. Like hearing about what others are doing at coin stores and coin shows.


Level 5

You got a good deal this time, but just keep in mind that the Red Book is retail, so it is a little higher than what most dealers will sell you coins for.

AC coin$

Level 6

I have a huge collection still without being evaluated.


Level 6

Nice purchase


Level 7

Keep that up you will be o.k. !!


Level 5

Very nice grab!


Level 6

Now that is a deal. Good job.

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