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09 Nov 2021

The history of the morgan dollar

| Tyler Heldt

The history of the morgan dollar

Because of popular demand and the vote the Morgan dollar was chosen. In this blog post I will go into depth about the Morgan dollar's history and also my personal opinion of why it is the best looking dollar coin.

The morgan dollar was basically created by the bland-allison act of 1878. The Morgan dollar was very popular in the west. It was used with gambiling and it was a favorite with cowboys. There was 4 mints minting the coin one was the second was san francisco 3rd was new orleans and last but not least the carson city mint. The New Orleans mint was known for haste and resulted in not the best quality of coins. Such as the middle of the coin wearing out more than the sides. This will become the bane of all collectors and made some beautiful coins not so pretty. But everyone's favorite wild west mint was Carson city. The Carson city mint was the mint that made all of the coins in the wild west. But they did not make as many coins as other mints and there must have morgan in any collection. The designer's name was george t morgan. That's how the coin got its name after the designer. The morgan dollar was minted from 1878 to 1904 but also made a comeback in 1921 but stopped again in the same year the coin was made out of 90% silver and 10% copper and it was also made a special coin in 2021 to commemorate the 1921 centennial of the coin. The morgan dollar was replaced by the peace dollar in 1921. Now my opinion is that the Morgan dollar is the best dollar coin there is and some of you might disagree with me and that's ok. But I want to state my reasons why I think it is the best US dollar coin. One, it has a beautiful design. If you look at a morgan dollar it is good looking and the designer made it look good. You can look at any other US dollar coin and they kinda look bland and a little ugly. No disrespect to the other designers but I think the morgan is the best designed. But that's my opinion and I will get back to the facts.In 1904 the year they stopped making morgans they did this because the United States government silver reserves were depleted and they had no more silver to make morgan dollars In the 1960s there was a discovery made at the mint. Someone had found a bunch of Morgan dollars stashed away in the mints vault.


It's Mokie

Level 6

Nice job Tyler look forward to your future blogs.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Very fine.... thanks for the informationt.


Level 6

I'm a Peace Dollar guy but well done blog. I did receive a 2021 D Morgan and she is beautiful. Thanks.


Level 6

Nice job. Thanks for the blog! ; )


Level 7

There is a book by written by Karen Lee. It's called the Sketch Book Of George T. Morgan. You should read it. Research is important in blogs. I'm sure as you go along you will get better we all started the same way. But books have the answers we look for. Every coin tells a story. Don't worry you will be writing books someday.. Good blog


Level 5

Morgans are a fantastic coin, and very popular. Holding a morgan is always a great feeling. Surprised morgans are as available.

I agree with you that the Morgan dollar is the best coin. The design is really nice. Also, you can buy them for barely anything to more than a million dollars.

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