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03 Nov 2021

the lincoln wheat cent

| Tyler Heldt

The history of the wheat cent

Starting in 1909 the United states mint started to produce coins that were a different design than before. Originally the cent used at the time was the Indian head cent. The Indian head cent is a beautiful coin with lots of detail. As i'm writing this i'm looking at my indian head cent with its wreath on the reverse. This coin precluded the Lincoln cent and it was fitting but the United states mint wanted a change. To commemorate Lincoln the United States mint contracted the designer victor david brenner to design a coin for them. When the coin hit the public it was admired and there was a massive rush to get it. A little controversy arose when there was the inscription V.D.B on the reverse which in my opinion was absurd because on the golden dollars the designer had their initials inscribed on it so why could the designer of the Lincoln cent not have his own. Despite this controversy the public adored the coin and it was a huge success. There also was a new coin for collectors to get the wheat cent with the initials V.D.B on it. Back then that coin was seen more of a novelty coin and not a real collectors item. But as of now they appreciate their rarity and history. Also another coin that is a lot now is the 1909 s V.D.B which now they are a small forchine for and ms grade. The 1910 Lincoln cent came with the only change being no V.D.B. Really up until 1943 the wheat cent remained the same as it was created. The wheat cent changed because of world war two. Now the design did not change but the material that the planchet was made out of did. During world war two the need for copper was in high demand because it was a war metal. A war metal is a metal used in making tanks or planes or guns, something that is needed for war. The United States mint decided to contract out the findings and eventually found zinc coated steel would work. If you want to learn about the steel cent check out my other blog post. This making was a failure and it resulted in damages and ugly coins. After the war the united states mint decided to go back to the original copper blend but with one change instead of 95% copper and 5% tin it was changed to 95% copper and 5% zinc the wheat cent ran until 1958 when the design changed to the lincoln memorial cent


AC coin$

Level 6

The wheat cents are well sought still. They became rather famous after the 60's among American collectors and others as well. Such coin represent an important era for USA. Nice blog.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

You tell a good story!


Level 5

Nice information. I found a couple of 1909 VDB this past week out ofa bag of wheats I purchased.


Level 6

Thanks for the info! ; )


Level 7

In1918 the V.D.B. was replaced on Lincoln's shoulder. It's been there ever since. I like the cent very much. Bibliography. So we can read more on it. Thanks!!


Level 6

Good job. Sources??

Tyler Heldt

Level 3

the official red book of the lincoln cent

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