Tyler Heldt's Blog

09 Nov 2021

Vote concluded

| Tyler Heldt

After tallying up the votes the Morgan dollar wins and I will right it’s story this week



Level 6

That sounds good! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Very fine .


Level 5

Might as well write a blog on both coins. The people who voted for quarters are needing a quarter blog. Looking forward to the blog.

I will look forward to that blog.


Level 6

Do whatever you want. You don't need to write about someone else's favorite coin. Good luck.


Level 5

I agree with Mike. As long as it’s readable and factual, I’ll read it! :-)


Level 7

Just write a blog on what ever coin or coins you like. There are hundreds and hundreds of coins. I write about what ever coins I own. . You can write about your favorite not ours!. Good luck my friend and enjoy!

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