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02 Aug 2019

The Beauty Of Medals

| Taler 63


Until just a few years ago, I had little interest in Medals.

I was brought up on the idea that only coins were the cat's meow of collections

But just as my US coin collection grew " IN NUMBERS " , I began to realize that I was simply being herded into buying more expensive repetitions.

You say it's a $ 100,000 coin, big whoop, I'll never be able to afford it anyway!

Besides, a collection by definition is more than just 1 item.

Next !

So I started looking at other items that were being displayed at coin shows, and that is when I paid attention the guy's selling medals.

I found some beautiful, beautiful 3 dimensional ( high relief ) pressings in both bronze and silver, that showcased the art of craftsmen.

And the candy deep chocolate color of well aged bronze is honestly mouthwatering.

I won't leave my grand kids alone with these medals because I know how difficult it is for me not to taste them.

The themes of the medals don't always have to be about some individual who was unknown to me; they cover a broad range of subject matter.

The can cover subjects like the arts, or the human struggles in war, like religion and its influence on the course of history, or the ambitions of politics just to name a few.

As medals immortalized pages from history they add to, and help create a more complete picture of how we got to be the way they are today.

Another one of the things that I like about Medals is that they can be inexpensive.

And that is probably because they are not as in your face aggressively advertised like the US coin market has become.

Right now, my favorite medalist is Hugues Bovy, and a few of his creations from the 1890's.

The medals are centered on the Swiss shooting festivals, but there are others that catch my attention as well.

There are the emotionally provoking examples from the medals of Karl Goetz, who focused his attention on Germany's history and their view of the world political arena of his time.

The medals from the renaissance era, that can get pricy, but they too commemorate events of their times, like castle sieges from the middle ages, or comets as signs from the heavens.

Medals not only bring an added level to collections, they enhance the beauty and value of the stories that our collections are trying to tell.

Our presentation doesn't have to be about the numbers, it's the stories that inspire us.

Here are few examples of the art that I collect.



Level 5

I collect the medallic creations of Laura Garden Fraser. People know of her coin designs but may not be aware that most of her numismatic creations are medals. I also collect medals based on a topic featuring imagery related to that topic. More than anything, I enjoy the artistic beauty and relief of medals that you just don't find on coins.


Level 6

I collect medals as does wife.


Level 5

Medals are great to collect. I personally look for ones that are about historic events that I have an interest in. For the most part, they are very affordable.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I used to be a Coin Snob, in the past, I considered Medals to be the collecting niche for non-serious, frivolous collectors. But that has changed dramatically in the past few years and now I have a growing collection of Medals of which I am very proud. I even put a collection together of my current 3" medals. I hope to add to the collection over time, Medals are Definitely worth collecting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts., I wholeheartedly agree.


Level 7

There are many collectors who collect medals . I do. But not just any medal. Ones done by excellent designers. Mr. Newman with his long life bless him said I don't collect medals there not coinage of currency. . With his massive collection he had none. We're back to we collect what we like. Thanks for the blog. If you read some blogs you would see what they collect here . Coins from all over the world. Tokens coins and medals. That's how we learn. We learn everyday. We share our knowledge. It works both ways which makes this site work. Thanks.


Level 6

Great blogs!!!!! Collectors are missing out if they do not collect medals. It is not just the bottom line, dollars and cents. Medals provide history and beauty.

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