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15 Sep 2014

1913 Liberty "V" Nickle

| user_4542

This coin is considered one of the rarest in America. It is the second highest priced coin (behind the 1933 Double eagle). There were only 5 made. In 1913, when the government said this, people searched and searched for these. People searched their pocket change, what they had in their house, and probably their couch cusions. I was I was lucky enough to own one.



Level 5

I want one.... XD


Level 6

The 1913 Liberty nickel is not the most expensive. That honor goes to the 1794 silver dollar, then the 1933 $20. But it's up there. I'd rather own a 1794 dollar.


Level 7

No comment.


Level 5

We all wish we could find one!!!


Level 5

The most expensive was actually 1794 flowing hair dollar sold in jan 2013 for $10 million.


Level 4

No it is actually on of the rarest coins. 5 were made. It was sold for 1+ million $


Level 5

I believe one sold for $4,042,000


Level 5

Just joking. Right?


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