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22 Sep 2014

Ranks Levels

| user_4542

What is the significance of the ranks and levels? Do we get something for being #1? I am just curious.



Level 5

I just ignore the points,


Level 7

I have to say 7180 is on the money. It's for communication. Sharing one's knowledge of what he or she has learned. Also to learn from reading blog's. Unfortunately some think it's a game. When I joined the ANA I was told they were going to do a way with the point system. I only wish it was gone. Ten point's for a three word answer point monger. I can not get into the rest of it but I'm glad you brought it up. Kepi knows has an idea of what I'm talking about. Thanks again and thanks for the comments! Mike.


Level 5

It is for participation.


Level 4

I agree that there should be some kind of recognition at least for those who make it into the Leaderboard. Even a PDF Certificate would motivate more people to actively participate.


Level 5

The purpose is to get as many collectors as possible to participate in sharing their knowledge and providing learning opportunities for all.


Level 5

The current 1 is mr. Wheatie


Level 4

Hopefully it will make you look better to be in the top 25 or 50.


Level 5

You always want to go UP in rank, not DOWN. It makes you want to get more points, which means you will write more blogs, comment on posts, actively write in the forums, and try to get badges. If they didn't do this, ANA probably wouldn't be so lively.

Dollar Guy

Level 5

I wonder if being #1 would spread more information about the hobby or just being king-of-the-hill is just enough satusfaction?


Level 6

I like the idea of ranks and levels. It's something to work towards to by commenting, posting and having collections. To me just by going down the list and " following" everyone shouldn't count so high...


Level 4

I would suggest a plaque or a trophy or a piggy bank or something that perhaps the current #1 might donate as a prize to 4552 or who ever should take the top spot. WHat do you say triple niner 8?


Level 4



Level 5

Speaking as the current (but not permanent) #1, I can say that there is nothing attached the spot. Just satisfaction!

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