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01 Feb 2021

Banknote searching and found this

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I found the star note while banknote searching.



Level 5

Wow, not bad shape. nice work!


Level 5

Good find! I always keep an eye out for these. I have a couple that are worth a few hundred because of rarity (:

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Ok please tell us the meaning of the star


Level 5



Level 5

No telling what star notes have passed through my hands without me noticing. I should pay more attention to my change and bills. Star notes usually don't have any extra value, but they are interesting.


Level 7

You need help. When people.follow you ask them questions they will help you Do you know what the star means? That's how we learn we look it up!!


Level 6

Again, this should be in your "Collection"...not a blog ; )

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