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01 Feb 2021

My oldest coin

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This penny is from 1802.



Level 5

To second everyone else, this needs to go under your "Collection" section. Or you could do some research and include some facts about this coin.


Level 4

neat coin. as others have said, make this a collection blog, it does honestly clutter up the page a bit.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Would love to hear about the art, history, economics and metallurgy of this coin in your blog.


Level 5

that is a nice coin!


Level 4

Wow that is a old coin.


Level 5

Very interesting coin, wonder who all the people were that touched this coin back in the early 1800's? The people that handled the coins and where the coin traveled is always a mystery for us to think about.


Level 7

Not a blog collections. When you follow people back they will help you.


Level 6

Thanks for sharing. Maybe next time in your "Collection".


Level 5

Wow, that is a nice coin! Under your account, there is a button for a "collection blog". Maybe show us some of your collection there? We like to use the blog space for information about the coins, not just the coins themselves. Nuff said! Thanks for sharing! Wonderful peice.


Level 6

Not a blog. This is a collection. A blog would tell us something about this coin. Nice coin to own.

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