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01 Feb 2021

Newest coin

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This is my new coin to my collection 2000 American silver eagle 1 oz of fine silver.



Level 5

Absolutely beautiful coin! And I agree with Kepi, you should probably put this kind of stuff under your collection


Level 5

Nice coin!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

ASE, nice! Tell us about the coin.


Level 5

I have the same exact coin!

walking liberty

Level 4

those are nice coins. sad they are changing the design


Level 4

Nice coin.


Level 5

With silver increasing this week, you have something that might increase in value a little. Everyone likes the silver eagles and they do command a premium in the silver market. Keep collecting them.


Level 7

No more blogs . A sentence and a picture goes into collections with more information. The people who you follow back will help you. This way you can learn like we all did. It takes time . The more you learn the better collector you will be. Someday who knows you might be the best. But the book before the coin,collect what you like..


Level 6

Nice, but this should be listed under your "Collection"...not a blog ; )

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