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01 Dec 2018

Large Cents

Coins-United States | user_47175

These are two amazing large cents I got by doing the American Early Copper Coin Project. I would like to thank the ANA and the project sponsor David Bird for this opportunity to earn free coins. The two ones I have so far is an 1852 and 1831 large cent. I have some pics of them here too. They look really nice, especially the 1852. I would estimate the grades for the coins to be EF for the 1852, and VF for the 1831. What do you think?



Level 5

Really nice coins!


Level 3

Thanks everyone


Level 6

Those are both really nice! Cool program from the ANA! I think I would agree with your'e grading ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

Two very nice Large Cents, you should be very proud. I agree with your grading estimate.


Level 6

Good job. Those are both nice. Great program the ANA has going.. Thanks.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I got a really good braided hair large cent doing the project. I also got a matron head large cent that had some corrosion but I like it, and I got a countermarked braided hair half cent.


Level 6

Nice coins. It is great you can take advantage of programs like this from ANA


Level 6

Those are 2 nice large cents. I agree w/the grading. Good copper color.


Level 7

Very nice good for you. You might want to put them in an air tite staples can have an effect on them. This way you can enjoy them for a long time. Congratulations. Mike

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